Members  Pages

Submission of Images For Members Gallery


Members Galleries

Jonathan will manage the Members Galleries. He will update members pages twice a year. The Members Pages are intended as a showcase for member’s work with their details and social media links. 


Your Own Gallery

You can have up to 21 images in your gallery. In other words you don’t need to send in all 21 images. You can also have some descriptive text of up to 100 words. Plus you can include links to social media at the top of your gallery page .

Submitting your images for your Gallery



The images you submit should be put into a folder. You should also include in the folder a Word file with the text of the descriptive text that goes at the top of your gallery page.


Each image should have a number and title of the image together with the file extension .jpg These title words will also appear next to your image in the gallery. 

Example  01 bird on a stick.jpg

                02 sunset behind trees.jpg

                03 man having a beer.jpg

The order you number your photos is the order they will appear on your gallery. Once I have them in order I simply remove the number from the title.


Sending your images to Jonathan

Because the folder maybe too big to send via your email Jonathan would like you to use the program   We Transfer    to send your folder of images to him.


The We Transfer program is at 


It is easy to use just follow the instructions. Jonathan’s email address is


The format of the images should be the same as you submit for competitions and showtimes.