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I am a professional photographer and artist based locally.

I have been working in photography for many years and specialise in studio and portraits as well as all kinds of events. I also produce photographic artworks, across a wide range of subjects, which I regularly exhibit.

Before coming to photography, I originally trained as an architect and did my PhD at UCL on architecture, philosophy and cinema, particularly the films of David Lynch. I am often inspired by the cinematic when I am taking photographs and I incorporate this into the framing and the mood of many of my artworks.

For more of my photography checkout my website

A Quiet Spot
Swan Heart
Changing Skin
Canary Wharf Times
Tomato Whirlpool
Spinning Light Towers
Saracens Men
Secondo Piatto - A Meaty Camera
Shapes in the Clouds 2
Red Ribbon
Opposing Shapes
Modern Lines
Lavender Garden Wedding
Horse Jumping
Glacier Lagoon
Frozen River Spree
Gondola Pendulum
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