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This selection spans the last decade, with one picture taken in 1979. Images here are from around the world, the most recent taken in China in October 2021, where I am now working. My interest is in shapes and shadows and architectural forms but at the same time people. I feel I’m still a long way from finding my own style.

For rememberance
Penny farthing
Parked car
Parkland Walk
Its not cricket
Highgate Woods
In my room
Xmas Eve
Beach huts
Blue days
Bicycle, bicycle
Kite flying
Xian walkers
On the beat
Guangzhou crossing
Be my baby
Sign of the times
Tea merchant
Mirror, mirror
Apartments in Cairns
Kyoto Christmas
Loyle Carner
Ella Eyre
Galta Kund
Fatehpur Sikri
Indian Walls