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My interest in photography largely developed from my travels to faraway places, and my wish to share the wonders of these places and the people in an artistic way.   Lately I have become interested in more abstract images, normally inspired by the natural world.  The composition of each image is always important to me.

You can see more of my photographs in my website:  Photos from Around the World

Karakoram Mountains
Abstract with Water on Glass
Edge of the Desert
Full Moon Yorkshire January
Greet the Sun
Nanga Parbat
Oil Rig Sheerness
Up and Down
Tibetan Refugee in Ladakh
Young Nuns, Timosgang, Ladakh
Apples for Lunch, Wakha Nunnery, Ladakh.
The Gambia
Bukhara Uzbekistan
Textures Switzerland
Slate Seas
Indian Wall Art
Figure of a Man
Monk on the Run with a Gun
Still Life, Hard
Smoking Her Fish , The Gambia
After Evelyn Hofer
The Gates of Hell, Darvaza Crater, Turkm
Patterns and Shapes, Oman
Glass Flame
Ice Apple
Still Life with Glass Ball
Oil Rig at Sheerness
New York
At the Foot of Nelson's Column
Man of Fashion, Florence
Magic Forest, Tuscany
Girl, Ethiopia
Folded Mountain, Ladakh
Curves of the Desert, Oman
At the mouth of the Arno
Boy, Siena
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