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When it comes to photography I’m always up for a challenge. This is reflected in the diversity of images within my gallery.  Of course the below is only a small selection of my extensive photography work. I immensely enjoy all the stages of photography, from coming up with the initial idea of an image right through to processing and printing it. I’m always keen to meet up with other photographers to share knowledge and ideas.

For more of my photography check out my website or my flickr profile

Girl in Window
Gentleman in Brick Lane, London
Power Chord
Old Boots
Keeping your Equipment Clean
Hampstead Heath in Fog
Before the Fight
Needle Work
I've Taken up Drawing
Nut and Bolt Skyline
I Just want the Sun to Come Out
Lockdown Puzzle
Breaking Through
Don't Look Behind You
Home Sweet Home
Pett Level Beach
12 Bar Blues
Gentleman Sitting in Doorway
Winch and Boat