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My most recent project is called ‘Frozen’ where I freeze flowers in varying depths of the ice as it forms in the freezer. The ice produces lovely texture and sometimes I am lucky when bubbles form – this makes very interesting images.

Still life is another on-going project using a mixture of objects and colours – I enjoy putting  a few objects together and photographing them.

Frozen and Still life are done at home but I do landscape work as well although I usually end up doing small intimate pieces of  the landscape rather than the big open vistas.

Bindweed in Ice
Bindweed Bud
Frosted Rose
Yellow Rose
The Fruit of Physalis
Physalis Case
Bubble with Physalis Case
Grass with Ice bubble
Frozen Stream Lofoten
Red Marble & Blue marble
Homage to Kandinsky
Red Corner
Still life with Black Pyramid
Sunflower Head
Ghost Tree
Beach Abstract
Reflected View
In Memorium
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