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As an adopted city-dweller I am interested in the things directly around me – in street photography and the urban environment more generally. I also like experimenting with double exposures and post-exposure processing, to produce sometimes surreal results. I would like my photos to have an emotional as well as formal appeal.

Front Office, City. 2019
Spitalsfield Tea Dance. 2019 (1)
Spitalsfield Tea Dance. 2019 (2)
Sitting out the heat, Kings Cross
Serpentine Pavilion . 2019
London Bridge. 2019
Cannon Street. 2019
Young marching band,Bruges. 2019
Dogwalkers, Hampstead Heath.2020
Hampstead Heath. 2020
Boy in a cage, Alexandra Palace
Pro-EU demonstation. 2019
Pany. 2020
Parkland Walk.2020 (1)
Parkland Walk.2020 (2)
Anti-pigeon spikes, Crouch End. 2020.
Frame lock, Alexandra Palace. 2020
Wild swimmer. 2020
Helping hands. 2020
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