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Creative expression should be foremost in all of our lives. It can be expressed in many ways but for me it has found itself in urban and fine arts photography. Recording, celebrating and understanding the visual richness that surrounds me is a strong creative driver for my work.

My work focuses on a combination of documentary and creative photography, with a strong artistic expression. I seek to not only record what I see around me but also to provide a personal perceptive angle on the environmental experience. My work over time has gravitated towards a more artistic style.

Ropemaker Street Vertical
City #1
5 Broadgate Circus
City #3
City Hall Stairway
City View
Hastings Beach
Peak District Storm
Brent Cross Sunset
Paternoster Square
London Figure
Woodland Multiple Exposure
Leaf #4
Ship's Wake on the Thames - Day Impressi
Ship's Wake on the Thames - Night Impressi
Hands #2
Cans #8
Cans #7
Cans #6
Satsuma #4
Satsuma #2