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This sample of my work includes some photos taken when I was working in the darkroom as well as more recent digital pictures. 

The subject matter of my photos has not changed much since my days of using a SLR and darkroom printing.  In photoshop I rarely do more than crop, dodge, and burn images, common darkroom techniques.

I usually take photos whenever the opportunity presents, rather than seeking out subjects and now often use a compact camera.   I have not chosen images which hang together as a panel.

Mist in Goyt Valley
Soil with rusty metal
Abstract fish
Leaves on waterfall
Sunset over New Mills
Lock gear with cobwebs Stoke
Sweeper Gordon Square
Hastings Pier
Notting Hill
Cherry Picker St Pancras
Regents Canal morning
Rock formation
Canal Junction
Trent Valley
Pink Balloon
Girl next to bike
Behind bars
Provence olive oil
Yellow sillhouette
Lady with Doll
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