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For me photography is an art form. I like to move the camera, using it like a paintbrush, or change the image created in the camera to produce sculpture-like effects, or to combine images to give greater artistic scope.

Rock and Sea 3
Rock and Sea 4
Sea 3, Blue Sea
Winter Landscape
Flooded Field
Sea Mist
Camera as Paintbrush, Chesil Beach 2.
Camera as Paintbrush Series 1, 7
Camera as Paintbrush, Chesil Beach 1.
Camera as Paintbrush Series 6, 2
Camera as Paintbrush, Walking the Dog
Camera as Paintbrush, Winter
Images of Masculinity 2
Winter Landscape 2
Blue Pool 2
Sea 4
Cyclist in the Street
Man in the Street
Conversation in the Street
Light on Derelict CowShed 5
Light on Derelict CowShed 7
Light on Derelict CowShed 3
Light on Derelict CowShed 2
Light on Derelict CowShed 4
Lockdown Bus Shelters 5
Lockdown Bus Shelters 6
Lockdown Bus Shelters 4
Lockdown Bus Shelters 2
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